All of us have experienced a difficult year for so many reasons. I have been fortune to have been employed fulltime for all but one month of my working life. Over 3 decades of steady employment. That is until 2020 hit. Like many around the country and here in the Capital Region, I found myself without income or health insurance. How would I take care of my family? How would I put food on the table?

Any number of people could tell the same story or one that is even more hurtful than mine. Maybe you have experienced a similar situation or have been hit with costs of living that have changed your life experiences. We have all been there at one time or another and 2020 has added to the number of stories that have become all too common.

Even with these hardships I have experienced some of the most generous people, New Yorkers, Americans that I have ever met. There is a unification, a brotherhood, that comes with walking a mile in the same shoes.

As the holiday season blankets us I found it heart warming to learn of the Adopt-a-family program, designed to help needy families throughout the Capital Region. Here is what you can do. Starting Sunday November 8th head to center court at Crossgates Mall, 1 Crossgates Mall Road in Albany, to make a donation.

Special thanks to the County Department of Children, Youth and Families for their efforts with the Adopt-a-Family program and to YOU for helping your neighbors here in the Capital Region.

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