If you're looking for some safe family fun and adventure, look no further. The popular and (socially distanced) photo scavenger hunt, Albany I Spy, is back.

Summer is here and that means people are anxious to get out and have some fun. Unfortunately Covid-19 has put many summer plans on hold. But what if I told you that you and the family could do something fun and safe this weekend. Come on out for the fifth “Albany I Spy” scavenger hunt. It takes place on Saturday, July 18 at 10 a.m. New social distancing safety rules will be in effect. For those who don't know, Albany I Spy is a timed architectural scavenger hunt throughout downtown Albany. Teams will arrive at the Discover Albany Visitor Center and will be given a clue sheet featuring images of obscure architectural details. Riddles will be provided to help guide you. Solve the riddle, find the detail, snap a picture. For more details and the rules of the game visit News 10.

Downtown Albany has so much history and sights to see. Even as an Albany native, theres still so much I don't know or have ever seen. I actually drive thru downtown Albany several times a day and I only get a glimpse some of the beautiful architecture. This would be the perfect opportunity to take in some history, have fun with the family.

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