According to the Albany housing market is a hidden gem and there are bargains galore.

Last July I closed on a house in the Capital Region and I would have to agree with their assessment that your dollar stretches a little further here when it comes to housing. However, at least in my experience the taxes are higher so it kind of evened out in my case. Still, I bought a bigger home, with more land for about the same price as my much smaller house with a small yard that I had in Nebraska before moving here.

Here's what is saying about the Albany market.

"Outdoor enthusiasts, rejoice! Along with its whopping 1,331 restaurants and bars, 46 museums, and a thriving indie music and arts scene, come wintertime Albany offers more sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, and tubing per capita than just about any other metro in the U.S. Still, Albany still has plenty of deals on homes—you can get into a three-bedroom restored historic home in the desirable Pine Hills neighborhood for $189,000."

So, what do you think? Is Albany really the 3rd best deal in the nation when it comes to housing? I'm not sure, but when you factor in all the other great amenities right here in the Capital Region it's a pretty awesome deal.

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