The Americade Motorcycle Rally has been invading the Lake George area for the last 40 years. This year it's going to happen a little later than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It's usually the first week in June and draws tens of riders, but this year organizers have pushed back the motorcycle rally to July 21st - 25th.

In addition to the date change, there will be some modifications to ensure that there is plenty of space between this year's attendees. Some events will have to be canceled or changed to allow social distancing. The large gatherings of crowds will be limited and scenic tours will be encouraged.

According to the press release from Americade, "The 2020 “touchless’’ Americade will emphasize current public safety protocols including social distancing and hand washing and scenic tours rather than large group gatherings. Organizers will comply scrupulously with health and safety guidance and work closely with Warren County Public Health Services."

Organizers hope that next year will allow the "full-throttle" version of the motorcycle rally to return.

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