I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago for a Make a Wish event and in typical "Brian fashion," I may have gotten a  bit lost trying to find the spot that my girlfriend Samantha and I needed to be.  In fairness, there are literally a thousand detours in the city currently and trying to get to where I needed to be was like watching Clark Griswold navigate his way through a round-a-bout in Europe.

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After about 15-20 minutes of aimlessly driving around Amsterdam, we found the place we were looking for.  But not before I noticed something unusual high up in the sky that I had never seen before.  In Amsterdam, a red VW Bug sits on top of what appears to be a giant smokestack.   Why is it there?  Who put it there?  And what the heck does it mean?

Thanks to Google I have an answer.  According to RoadsideAmerica.com, the "red VW Beetle sits at the top of a tall brick smokestack in an old industrial section of Amsterdam. It's an old marketing gimmick for Dudka's Garage" located at 5 Ann Street, in Amsterdam.

Sources claim that the vehicle was put up on the smokestack approximately  50 years ago by the owner of the garage, Gary Dudka who thought it would attract attention.  He wasn't wrong. While the smokestack and VW Bug remain, Gary's garage unfortunately is no longer.

If you know of any other cool, quirky unusual roadside attractions in your area, email them to Brian@wgna.com.

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

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