The Capital Region just hit Phase 3 last Wednesday, June 17 and with it came more businesses opening up and restaurants expanding their sit down dining options and even the return of some state workers as state offices started to open back up.

So obviously the next question is, "When will we hit Phase Four?" Well, according to Governor Cuomo's phased opening of regions around the state, the earliest that the Capital Region could hit Phase 4 would be Wednesday, July 1. Of course, that's if we continue the trend of low coronavirus numbers. So, what would that mean for the 4th of July holiday? Probably, a lot more options to get out and do stuff.

Even though Phase 4 is the last of the phases it doesn't mean that everything is opening back up, everything is back to normal and the coronavirus pandemic is over. More things will be allowed to open like movie theaters, comedy clubs, casinos, zoos, entertainment venues, amusement parks, and colleges and universities. There are still guidelines that all businesses still need to follow like  50-percent capacity, masks for all employees, and maintaining social distancing of 6 feet.

Shops that are inside malls, like the ones in Crossgates and Colonie Center hasn't been given a date when they can open. They aren't specifically included in Phase Four. As a matter of fact, mall managers and elected officials have sent letters to Governor Cuomo asking for large malls to be allowed to reopen arguing that they are basically the same as big box stores that have stayed open throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Times Union, there are currently five regions of New York that could hit Phase 4 as early as this Friday. They are Central New York, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, and the North Country.

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