Gasoline prices continue to climb here in the Capital Region and around the United States. When will the rise level off? How high will prices soar?

"motorists should prepare for further gas price increases in the weeks and potentially months ahead, with a $3 per gallon national average potentially less than a month away," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for

I started tracking gas prices in the Capital Region around the first of the year as I noticed slight increases. Well it hasn't stopped. Here is a comparison.

  • $2.38 National average/gallon of gas - January 2021
  • $2.64 National average/gallon of gas - February 2021
  • $2.79 National average/gallon of gas - March 2021
  • $2.47 New York average/gallon of gas - January 2021
  • $2.69 New York average/gallon of gas - February 2021
  • $2.81 New York average/gallon of gas - March 2021
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Based on the average we could see these increases if the pace remains the same.

  • $2.93 by April?
  • $3.05 by June?
  • $3.17 by July?
  • $3.29 by August?
  • $3.41 by September?

So how do you feel about this? I mean, it appears there is little we can do about the price of gasoline aside from complain. When it dropped during the pandemic it was one of the very few benefits to the last 12 months. We had no control over that the same way we have no control over the increases we are seeing today.

Some people will blame the president, regardless of which president they identify. Others will say it's simply supply and demand and then some will say it's all part of the re-opening of the country.

Doesn't it seem like the price of gas should be fairly stable? I mean gas is gas, whether we are in a pandemic or we have herd immunity from the virus, or it's Memorial Day Weekend, etc. Sure, we expect prices to fluctuate but gas shouldn't be drastically more expensive just because the temperature is 80 and we have a long weekend ahead. That is just my $3 and 2 cents.

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