Bird’s-Eye View of Albany Landmark Not What You’d Eggspect
I've lived in Albany my whole life, and until recently I had never seen a bird's-eye view of The Egg at the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany.  I honestly have no clue what kind of late-night rabbit hole I dove into, but when I came up for air, I knew more about The Egg's history than I ever nee…
Bald Eagle Shot Dead in NY, Reward Sits at $5K
It's so tragic to think that some sicko would take aim at a beautiful and innocent animal and actually have it in their heart to pull the trigger of a large-caliber rifle to shoot it dead.  Just one week ago, GNA was invited out to Cobleskill, NY for the launch of the Schoharie County Eagle Trail an…
Capital Region Residents Make Extraordinary UFO Claims
A few weeks ago, while driving into the radio station on Friday morning April 2nd, at approximately 4:55 AM, I saw something in the sky over the Schenectady County Pine Bush. There were two bright lights, one in the upper east and and another upper west quadrant of the trapezoid-shaped object.  As I…
Photograph Rare Wolves In New York
How cool would it be to get up close with wolves, observe them in their natural environment and take pictures of them? Without being in danger of course. Are you kidding me? That would be an amazing experience. One that you would never forget!

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