If you were planning to get out and have some family fun at an outdoor amusement park this summer, you're going to have to continue to wait a little longer.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that there would be some businesses that would remain closed once a region hits Phase Four. If everything goes well and our coronavirus numbers continue to stay low, the Capital Region will enter Phase Four on Wednesday, July 1st. Just before the 4th of July holiday weekend. It was originally announced that outdoor amusement parks would be included in Phase Four, but apparently that's not the case.

According to The Times Union, "the current rule is that amusement parks can not open on the first day of phase four, which for the Capital Region will be July 1 if COVID-19 infections remain low.". The main issue is the number of surfaces that are touched by people at amusement parks when you are on the rides, in line waiting to ride a ride and concession areas.

Currently, Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George will open their Lodge and Johnny Rockets restaurant on June 26th, but there has been no announcement on plans to the amusement park or the water park. The Six Flags Great Escape website has a lot of information for season ticket holders and the general public in regards to the park's temporary shutdown.

Huck Finns Playland has been advertising on their website that they will open on July 1 when the Capital Region enters Phase Four, but the Times Union is reporting that Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan asked if Huck Finn's Playland can open and she was told that it cannot on the first day of Phase Four. However, it also mentioned that outdoor amusement parks, like Huck Finns and Great Escape, might be able to open sometime soon after the Capital Region enters Phase Four on July 1.

It sounds like the guidelines for reopening amusement parks are very confusing, to say the least.

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