I've been tased before and let me tell you it hurts and you feel it for days afterward. No, I wasn't running from the cops...you'd know that if you've ever seen me run. It was when I lived in Indianapolis and the police were getting tasers for the first time so I stupidly volunteered to find out what it felt like....it felt like hot fire burning through every inch of my body. Not fun at all.

According to News 10, the Saratoga Sheriff’s arrested Destiny Ozani Matari Ramirez who lives in Galway on Tuesday after she allegedly snuck into her neighbor's apartment and attacked two people with a taser and baseball bat.

Apparently, Ramirez entered the apartment of her 23-year-old and 24-year-old neighbor she was armed with a handheld taser and a baseball bat. She tased both victims and hit the man with the bat. The victims were treated by an ambulance at the scene.

Ramirez ran away after the alleged assault but was arrested a short time later by police.

She faces charges of first-degree burglary and second- and third-degree assault. Those three charges could send her to prison for 33 years.


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