The Mega Millions Jackpot is approaching $1 Billion! With the latest drawing taking place tonight (1/22/21) at 11pm you have short time to get a ticket and have a 1 in 302.5 Million chance to win approximately $970 Million! What will you do with all of that money?

According to NBC News the winner can choose between the $970 million annuity option, which is awarded over 30 years, or the $716.3 million cash option, which pays an immediate lump sum. Let's say you take the $716 million, here are some suggestions on how you could spend it.

Considering that there are approximately 20 million New York residents, you could give everyone in the state $36! I'll take it! The Street reports that Governor Cuomo's net worth is around $5 million to give comparison. Native New Yorker Paul Stanley is said to be worth $150 million. You could invite the Starchild over to YOUR neighborhood, if you wanted.

If you chose to keep the entire jackpot for yourself you will need a home to match your wealth.


Photo courtesy Coldwell Banker

Listed at Coldwell Banker you could have this charmer in North Castle, NY for $30M. With 8 beds and 13 baths you be very clean and well rested to roam the 14+ acres. Of course you will need a new vehicle because the commute from the Capital Region to North Castle will be over 2 hours.


Photo: Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 330+ is said to be the most expensive vehicle currently on the market at $3.9 million. With these new riches you are sure to be stressed so you will need a vacation. Travel & Leisure list THIS destination at $80K per night. Maybe you will bump into Barack Obama on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

With the home, vehicle, vacation, food and souvenirs (something nicer than a t-shirt) you are in for about $34.5 million with $681 million left over!

Many of my friends would want to throw a party after winning. Let's do it!

Now we have a party for $3.5 million! We could do this over 200 times with our winnings! Yes, I am including myself.

Having some fun and allowing ourselves to dream for a few minutes. Don't count on my math being accurate. I got a 32, final grade, in Algebra 1. I'd like to think the winner, or winners, would treat themselves well while considering helping others along the way. So many people are hurting financially today, some more than others. I wish my fellow New Yorkers luck tonight and with all the days to follow.


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