A new report claims to have identified where the most miserable people in New York live. Did your hometown make the list?

Weird to think that only a third of New Yorkers say they are truly happy since other states have it worse.

We are largely spared from extreme weather events like wildfires and EF5 tornadoes. Other perks include a decent educational system, our roads aren't a huge mess, and our tourist business is booming.

But, still, that isn't enough for some people.

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To be fully transparent - I am a native of Connecticut. Trust me, New York could be a lot worse. If you don't believe me, try driving on one of our highways.

Let me remind you before you read further, THIS BRAND IS NOT CALLING THESE CITIES OR TOWNS MISERABLE.

This is simply a reporting of a list created by Road Snacks. If you have a bone to pick with us, you're directing your outrage at the wrong person.

And also, you're most likely from one of these 10 cities.

Photo Credit: Matt Cardy, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Matt Cardy, Getty Images

New York's Most Miserable Cities

According to Road Snacks, these are New York's 10 most miserable cities because apparently everything is going wrong there.

As for what determines how miserable a city is, Road Snacks compared 169 cities using Census data and other scientific stuff from other "legitimate" sources. They looked into divorce rates, commute times, cost of living, and other statistics to whip up this "fun" new list.

In the end, these 10 cities were deemed to be the gloomiest in New York State.

Gallery Credit: Megan

While there may be a myriad of reasons why someone is miserable, this survey (and article) are merely tongue-in-cheek.

This isn't supposed to be super-serious or scientific.

If you have complaints, direct them toward Road Snacks - not us. We are simply reporting on a list that was sent in to talk about.

Also, Central New York was found to be among the happier cities in the roundup.

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Rome was the 4th happiest city overall, while Herkimer was 10th happiest.

You can read the full report HERE.

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Upstate New York's 15 Snobbiest Cities

We decided to have fun with AI. We decided to ask ChatGPT "What are the 15 snobbiest cities in all of Upstate New York, and why would you pick them as your choice?" So before you send off complaints our way, send them to ChatGPT. We didn't create this list, we are only sharing it. So hopefully you'll have a sense of humor, and stick your pinky out. 

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