Details are few and far between as to exactly what happened in the video below, but what I do this is no way to resurface the ice.

Watch the video and check out the ice resurfacer pull out onto the ice, do a quick backward donut and then take off across the ice. Right away you can tell something isn't right because a red liquid is pouring out from underneath the machine. A few seconds later you see the flames underneath and then it looks like the entire Zamboni is on fire. The crazy thing...and that's saying something because this entire video is that the Zamboni driver didn't bailout. He drove it around the ice rink and back to the door he came in. Then the fire was put out with fire extinguishers. I can't believe nobody was hurt including the driver.

The flaming Zamboni (a great band name by the way) happened at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex on the campus of Monroe Community College near Rochester, NY. Management from the arena said a hose broke, which led to the fluid being leaked onto the ice, according to WHAM.

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