Have you ever heard the phrase, "Too Drunk To Fish?" It's a funny way my friends and I used to describe each other after a few too many.

The state of New York is now lowering the blood alcohol level for, "Too Drunk To Hunt" and it's no joke and nothing to laugh about.

Think of it this way: If you're too intoxicated to get behind the wheel of a car, motorcycle, or boat, what would make you think you're not too intoxicated to hunt?

I was actually surprised to hear that ANY amount of alcohol was allowed when hunting. I was always taught that firearms and alcohol don't mix at all. So when I first heard that New York was changing the blood alcohol limit to hunt from .10 to .08 I was really surprised that it even had to be lowered.

Senate Bill S2417 was introduced by state Sen. Anna M. Kaplan and the new lower level went into effect on Monday. The bill's memo explains that other states have changed laws to establish 0.08% as the blood alcohol level for hunting while intoxicated charges. Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and West Virginia lowered the threshold for drunk hunting. Other states, including neighboring Pennsylvania, have pursued similar legislation.

According to NBC New York, 2019 was the safest hunting season in the state's history with only 12 shooting injuries and only one death. In an average year, the Department of Conservation only issues around a dozen citations for drunk hunting so although it isn't a huge problem this new bill should make hunting safer for everyone.

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