This sounds like the set up to a bad joke, "A man, his fiancé and their dog walk into a bar." Turns out they didn't walk into a bar but they did leave their Delta Airlines flight as the plane taxied to the runway at LaGuardia Airport in Flushing, New York on Monday.
As flight attendants saw a man and woman walking down the aisle of the plane, passengers heard the man say something like "I don't want to sit here" and "I need to get off this plane".
I can certainly identify with not wanting to sit in a certain seat while flying but get up and leave? While the plane is heading toward the runway? At that point I think I would have resigned any notion of attempting to leave.
Eyewitness accounts say the man, identified as Antonio Murdock, forced his way past crew members to open the cabin door. Once the emergency slide was deployed Murdock along with fiancé Brianna Greco and their dog "Rain" slid down the slide and left on foot. They were later found in a restricted are of LaGuardia Airport.
I would find it difficult not to be mad if I were a passenger on that flight. We all just want to get where we are going without delay. At the same time, perhaps this is a case of don't rush to judgment as you don't know what someone else is going through. According to WCBS TV the man stated, "I panicked. I have panic attacks. That's it. I didn't hurt anybody. I have mental health issues." as he left a Queens criminal court on Tuesday.
A spokesperson for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said the dog, "Rain", was taken to a Brooklyn animal shelter until the couple could retrieve him.

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