A State Trooper and a local good Samaritan helped rescue and save this adorable and strikingly beautiful owl over the weekend.  The majestic creature was found injured on the side of the road in Johnstown on Friday, and that's when the kind humans took flight and did what was necessary to help rescue the nocturnal bird.

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The New York State Police posted the picture of Trooper Josh Nauroth proudly (and somewhat courageously) holding the owl before it was brought to North Country Wild Care for rehab and a little TLC.

In a message posted on the NYSP Facebook page, the owl seems to be doing just fine: "Troopers from SP Mayfield were able to get this little guy some help after a passerby found him injured off the side of the road in Johnstown. Thanks to them he is on his way to recovery with North Country Wild Care." -NYSP Facebook

Photo: NYSP Facebook

North Country Wild Care, located in Lake George, specializes in the care of injured or orphaned wildlife in upstate New York.   Once the owl made it there, he was in the good hands of the professionals who routinely take in all types of animals including "squirrels, rabbits, deer, skunks,  opossum, bobcats, foxes, chipmunks, porcupines, birds of all kinds including hawks, eagles and owls, and more."

Photo: North Country Wild Care Facebook

The owl is resting comfortably and seems to be doing quite well. Thank you to the good Samaritan who spotted the owl and the State Police for always going above and beyond the call of duty.

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