It seems like every day there is another scam that is being exposed in our community. Another reason to be wary, skeptical, and untrustful of almost everything. Most of these scams are online, but this one is not only in person but targets out high school students. I mean really haven't these kids been through enough this year without some scumbag trying to take advantage of them?

So, here's the scam. Since some students, in some local school districts have been allowed to keep their school-issued Chromebook laptops over the summer. Someone has been posing as a school district employee and trying to collect these Chromebooks.

An email went out to East Greenbush parents and students last week alerting them of the scam. Here is part of that email that was sent out.

Dear Parents/Guardians, We have been informed that an individual in the community may be fraudulently posing as an employee of the East Greenbush CSD and visiting homes to try and collect chromebooks.

The district is NOT collecting chromebooks from people's homes. All students should keep their chromebooks at home over the summer and bring them back to school in the fall. Only seniors are returning their chromebooks and that is being done at Columbia High School on Friday, June 12.

If someone comes to your home to collect your chromebook, do not give it to them and call your local police department.

Other area school districts have also sent out email alerts as well. I received one from the high school my daughter attends and it eluded to the fact that this could be happening in other school districts throughout the Capital District.

The best practice in these situations is to ask to see some form of official ID, preferably before you open the door, don't let anyone into your home that you weren't expecting, and if you suspect something call the police.

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