I mean, is this really true?

Amidst recent reports I've heard about all the people leaving New York, moving out of New York, and of course all of the political frustration going on currently, I recently caught some positive news about New York.

New York apparently ranked as the 6th best state in the nation to raise a family.  I saw this on News 10 abc, and had to express my thoughts.  I'm going to say right off the bat, I saw the list and laughed.  Vermont ranked number 4, and as someone who used to live in Vermont, that's where I laughed.  Not because it's not a beautiful state, but because it was so unbelievably expensive to live there, and I could never picture being able to afford raising a family there (reflected by the fact that it did rank 28th in the 'affordability' category).  That being said, sure Vermont has outdoors, people are active, it's a health state, and there is a lot of live music.  So sure, all positives.

My eyes scanned to New York, landing at number 6 on the list.  Personally, I do think New York is a great state.  Being able to raise kids and have a family where there is everything from sports and music arenas to hiking and fishing lakes is an amazing thing.   But New York also has it's drawbacks.  For example, somehow, it ranked 4th for the 'affordability' rank, which I don't buy (right because we know things, like what daycare costs and how much taxes are in New York and such).

The entire list and info about the process can be found at WalletHub, which originally posted it.  What I have to say is that I love New York. But number 6 in the country? What are your thoughts?

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