You don't need me to tell you that 2020 has been a very difficult year for many different reasons. From the pandemic to unemployment rates, mandates and the drama of the election most of us are looking forward to the clock striking Midnight on January 1st!

The nurses at Albany Medical Center have their sights set on a different date and residents throughout the Capital Region should as well. Due to what is described as unsafe conditions at Albany Medical, 2,000 members of the New York State Nurses Association plan a one day work strike on Tuesday December 1st.

My first thought was a selfish notion. What would I do if I fell ill and needed to go to the hospital and the nurses were on strike? Nurses of the NYSNA have been negotiating a contract since 2018 and, if an agreement can be reached, this would be their first since joining.

The issues are a lack of nurses to handle the overcrowding of patients and hospital authorities cutting corners. For the nurses that are on hand they cite a lack of protective equipment. These are some of the reasons for the unsafe working condition claim.

With the fear of COVID-19 cases rising, a one day work strike at Albany Medical Center is also something to fear. These nurses, doctors and all hospital personnel are our heroes and we need them to feel safe in their work environment. Hopefully you and I are just passing through. If we have to go there at all.

Albany Med officials say they are prepared should this one day work strike take place.



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