I was at the grocery store this past weekend and I saw a lot of people practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and following the one-way aisle arrows. What I didn't see a lot of were meat products. Yes, there was some chicken and turkey, a little pork, but almost no ground beef and prices are definitely on the rise as some meat shortages are expected.

Several meatpacking plants have been shut down or have reduced production due to the coronavirus and that has led some grocery store chains to start limiting the amount of fresh meat you can purchase at one time.

Price Chopper/ Market 32 expects to see shortages in the next two to three weeks so they have announced that customers will be limited to purchase one item of all ground beef and ground turkey; all chicken breast, drumsticks, and thighs and whole chicken; and all boneless or bone-in pork chops.

ShopRite has had a policy in place since mid-March limiting two per customers for chicken, turkey, and ground beef products.

Hannaford currently doesn't have a restriction on meat products. However, on the Hannaford website, they do state that high-demand categories are limited to 2 items and further limit adjustments may be applied in-store daily, due to rapid fluctuation in inventory.

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