Have you ever been to the races at Saratoga and thought, I wonder what happens to these beautiful athletes when their time on the track is over? Do they get a gold horse shoe and a pension? Do they pick up a side hustle as a movie extra? Maybe they go into a retirement home with some old friends.

Starting Saturday April 17th you can visit champion athletes such as Commentator, Roaring Lion, Red South Down and Zippy Chippy at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Saratoga, where they can retire, prance around in pastures and live out their years in peace.

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Old Friends at Cabin Creek will open on the 17th and remain open to the public each Saturday through June. To mark the occasion there will be a celebration between 12p-3p in honor of Zippy Chippy's 30th birthday and you are invited. During that time there will be a book signing by author Artie Bennett, author of The True Story of Zippy Chippy: The Little Horse That Couldn't. Why would he give the book such a title? Let's take a look.

Zippy Chippy - Born April 20, 1991 and bred in New York. A different kind of champion.

  • Lost 100 times, making him one of the most losing horses in the history of horse racing.
  • His losing streak made him famous; so famous that he had a following
  • Of all 100 races, Zippy didn’t win one.
  • His owner/trainer, Felix Monserrate traded an old pickup truck to get Zippy
  • Zippy was known to sometimes stop in the middle of races or not even leave the gate.

Take a tour and meet Zippy and these ambassadors to horse racing. In addition to a tour of the horses there will be a drink truck and live music. Masks are required while visiting, 483 Sand Hill Road in Greenfield Center, NY.

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