One food the Capital Region is known for is great pizza, and a Schenectady legend just received a very high honor.

Locally, we know Perreca's Bakery is the best of the best. And now, they are getting some national recognition for their amazing pizza. The Daily Meal has named their 101 Best Pizza's In America and Perreca's landed at number 70 on the list. This list stayed away from pizza chains and focused their rankings on small, independent pizza restaurants. Ya know, the local pizza places we REALLY love!

Here is what the Daily Meal had to say about Perreca's:

" A favorite of actor Jack Nicholson, Perreca's Bakery in Schenectady has been run by the same family for 100 years. The Upstate New York landmark uses a coal-fired govern to bake a much-desired bread, and the star of the show - tomato pie - gets seasoned red sauce with romano and parmesan cheeses served at room temperature."

I love me some Perreca's, but I think the biggest compliment I could pay them is how much Country stars love their food. That's right, Nashville's finest. A couple years ago we started working with Perreca's to provide the food for backstage catering at our Secret Star concerts. And guess what? Every single artist who has dined in catering at Secret Star has RAVED about the tasty goodness that's Perreca's serves up.

Ok, I am getting hungry/ I think I am ready to head to Perrecas right now!

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