Healing Through Stitches-Albany County COVID Quilt Project
There has been so much loss throughout this pandemic and none more than with the elderly in the Capital Region. The Department for Aging has launched the Albany County Quarantine and Memorial Quilt Project. It is an effort to have families and friends of loved ones who have lost someone to COVID-19 …
COVID-19 Tests for Albany International Airport
As much as we may like or dislike terms such as "new normal", there are many procedures that we simply have to accept as a way of life going forward. Some of these may be COVID-19 testing at concerts, hotels, and Albany International Airport.
Gym Rules and Bowling Alley Re-openings Happening This Week
This week, New Yorkers will get to see bowling alleys re-open and guidelines released about the possible re-opening of fitness centers.
Little by little, New York is (kind of) starting to go back to normal.  Sure, travel is restricted, there's no big concerns, businesses remain closed...

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