An Open Letter to Drivers Using the 5 Malta Roundabouts
Driving in the Capital Region most of my life, I had no problem with roundabouts or as we called them growing up, Latham Circle. You see that was the only one we had and it worked very well. Everyone seemed to know what to do and traffic flowed pretty smoothly through that area. Well, a few years ago the roundabout game changed in my opinion.
Thousands of Jobs Coming to Saratoga County
Thousands of jobs are coming to Saratoga County because there are plans to build another semi-conductor fabrication plant in Malta. GlobalFoundries announced that it will begin building the plant at its Fab 8 campus. This project will bring thousands of jobs with the construction and infrastructure of the plant.
Afrim’s Bringing New Indoor Sports Facility to Saratoga County
When the Sportsplex of Halfmoon closed suddenly it looked as if there wouldn't be another indoor sports facility in Saratoga County. But now Afrim's announced they will be adding another location north of the Twin Bridges. In a kind of cool twist, the turf and the plexiglass that was in the Sportsplex will be used in the new Afrim's location.
2500 New Jobs Coming to Saratoga County Soon
The coronavirus pandemic has put many people out of work. There is a proposal in Saratoga County that could bring in a big facility that could hire up to twenty-five hundred people in the Capital Region.