There are so many great pizzerias in the Capital Region, and these are the best of the best according to GNA Nation.

When it comes to food does it get any better than a great slice of New York pizza? Ok, a great slice with a beer. But that is beside the point! We are truly blessed here in the Capital Region to have so many amazing spots to grab a slice or an 8 cut. But sometimes, you just want to eat the best. So, we went on a mission earlier this week to determine the BEST pizza in the Capital Region. We opened this one up as an informal poll on the GNA Facebook page, and we had so many votes for so many stellar pizzerias. Below you will find some honorable mentions that we just had to include because they are always mentioned in any food poll that we do. Then we get to the nitty-gritty - the top 5 pizza joints in the Capital Region, voted by YOU!

The Capital Region's Best Pizza Joints