Holiday traditions include family, friends and a good old fashioned foot race! As long as my mind can recall there have been foot races on and around Thanksgiving Day. As a matter of fact the oldest Turkey Trot on record started in 1896 in Buffalo, New York! There were a mere 6 competitors for that event with just 4 completing the race! As you might imagine, times were different in the late 1800's. Women weren't even allowed to enter the Turkey Trot in Buffalo as this was exclusive for men. At that time women were banned from competing in any race over 3 miles in length.

Today over one million men, women and children have been known to enter holiday foot races. Some for charity, some for health and others for personal competition. So here we are in 2020 and the tradition will continue right? With the Corona Virus altering so many of the routines and events of our lives how would a Turkey Trot take place? Will they take place? In the case of the Troy Turkey Trot the answer is YES! The Troy Turkey Trot is on but for the first time in over 100 years this will be a virtual race.

Certainly there will be health concerns. Can one thousand runners gather at the starting line at the same time? Can you wear a mask while running? So many questions! Here are some of the answers regarding the Troy Turkey Trot. Organizers state that this years event will be a virtual event taking place over the span of several days.

There will be a Facebook Live event officially starting the race Thanksgiving morning at 10. Competitors are asked to download the Troy Turkey Trot app on your GPS-enabled device. Once you have done that you will be allowed to run before Thanksgiving and right up until Saturday November 28th at 11pm. Register for the race at

With organizers being able to make the race happen this year the Troy Turkey Trot will benefit Joseph House of Troy ( and Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. (


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