As a parent, how many times has this happened to you? Your son or daughter is doing their homework and needs a little help with their math problems. So, you offer to help and then quickly realize you're in WAY over your head.

Algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and geometry make my head spin. Actually, my kids passed my math knowledge in about the third grade. I'm sure most parents can relate to this experience unless you're a math wiz. In that case, keep it to yourself...nobody likes a bragger.

UAlbany Senior Josh Martin isn't like me: he loves math and loves to help others learn to conquer math. He's majoring in physics and math and started virtually tutoring those struggling with math right from his bedroom five or six years ago according to Spectrum News.

Josh Martin, known as Ludus online, has been using Youtube and TikTok to teach math to his 370,000 followers. I'm sure there are a lot of teachers and parents as well as students among those followers. Martin even says that teachers are using his videos in their classrooms to serve as an introduction to a math concept. It's especially helpful that his videos are mostly about 60 seconds long so it doesn't get too bogged down and explained everything really well, in a short amount of time.


Don't think his videos are just for middle and high school students that need a little extra help. It's really for all grade levels and he even now has YouTube videos that are full SAT math reviews.

According to Spectrum News Josh Martain, aka Ludus, has been doing these videos for about five or six years and plans to go into teaching when he graduates.

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