A children's playground area inside a popular Saratoga County park was virtually destroyed on Monday. Authorities say that vandals ripped down fence posts, spray painted vulgarities and damaged whatever they could get their hands on.  Police are asking for the public's help in ascertaining the individual(s) responsible.  In the meantime, there appears to be some very generous community outreach from local residents and groups volunteering to help rebuild this park.  More photos of the damage are within the remainder of the post.

According to a press release on Wednesday from the Ballston Spa Police Department, "vandalism that occurred at Kelley Park during unknown hours on or before Monday April 12, 2021. The children’s playground sustained thousands of dollars in damage as a result of these crimes." As a result, the park has been closed until town officials can repair all of the damage.

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On the BSPD Facebook page, some local residents voiced their sadness, while others voiced outrage.  Some community leaders stepped up and offered to help including this message from Army National Guard Recruiting Latham, "We will gladly volunteer our time to assist in the repairs to keep the cost down, please let us know if we can be of assistance."

Photo: BSPD Facebook
Photo: BSPD Facebook
Photo: BSPD Facebook
Kelley Park is located on Ralph Street in Ballston Spa and features many trees, a popular creek and nature trail, fishing posts and the now vandalized playground.
Any and all tips can be reported to BSPD by going to

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