If you are longing for the return of live music events as much as I am, what would you actually be willing to do to go to a show? Would you agree to watch a show from a bubble? Approximately 400 concert goers in Oklahoma City did just that last weekend during a performance by The Flaming Lips.

I am trying to picture watching a show at SPAC from a bubble. Do you roll up the lawn to get a beer and something to eat? Does this remove the height advantage or disadvantage people might have at show at Troy Music Hall or Times Union Center? Would your bubble fit into the bathrooms at The Palace Theatre? I am joking a bit but watching a show from a bubble never crossed my mind.

Scott Booker/Warner Music
Scott Booker/Warner Music

According to the New York Times, The Flaming Lips performed Friday and Saturday to approximately 200 fans each night and all of them were in bubbles. This wasn't the first time for the band. Here they are performing last October, in bubbles.

The BBC reports that each show accommodated 100 bubbles, holding up to three people each, with the band inside their own capsules. Singer Wayne Coyne said the shows would be "safer than going to the grocery store". Inside each bubble was a high frequency supplemental speaker - which helped prevent the sound being muffled - as well as a water bottle, a battery-operated fan, a towel and a "I gotta go pee/hot in here" sign.


Would you prefer a Lawn Bubble or a Reserved Bubble? I suppose rain might be less of an issue at SPAC in Saratoga. The Bubble Boy on Seinfeld was ahead of his time. All kidding aside, if it's safe, roll me up to the front row.  



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