A video surfaced recently on YouTube that took us inside the abandoned and dilapidated walls of the famed Sunset Lanes in Colonie.  Videos like these tend to be wildly popular, especially if it's a place we connect with or remember.  But there's also a painful side to seeing abandoned places from our area that were once revered, and this one is no exception.

Bowling alleys in the Capital Region used to be a big deal, and while mostly gone now, they were a place to compete seriously or lightheartedly, socialize, have some food and drinks and just hang out.

Few bowling alleys in the area had a better run than Sunset Recreation Lanes in Colonie. The owners had been in business for over 75 years before the building was bought nearly 6 years ago.  The new ownership had hopes of turning it into an Asian Market, but that has yet to happen, and so the old Sunset Lanes sit desolate on a Central Ave parking lot, the asphalt overrun with cracks and weeds. 

Two guys who create web content by sneaking inside abandoned buildings visited Sunset Lanes and entered in broad daylight.  The 13-minute video posted by a man named Nate Perez Cunillera is an intriguing watch, and below are some screenshots of things you may find eerily interesting inside the bowling alley where the sun when down for good years ago.

Eerie Look at Things Left Behind at the Abandoned Sunset Lanes in Colonie

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