Police Seize Guns, Drugs and Monkey in Austerlitz Home
I know what this looks like, but trust me it's not something from a "Hangover" movie. This particular State Police raid didn't happen in Hollywood, it happened in Austerlitz.  Dozens of firearms, cocaine, cash and yes, an illegally possessed monkey were seized on Thu…
It’s Official -Trader Joe’s Coming to Halfmoon
It is finally official. There will be a second Trader Joe's location in the Capital Region in Halfmoon. We have been speculating that one would be built in Saratoga County and we have now got confirmation that the construction that is going on in the area off of Route 9 behind the Red Robin is …
Largest RV Dealer in The Country Coming to Coxsackie
One of the few things we were able to do during the pandemic was camping. Many people hit the Adirondacks to take in the gorgeous views and the fresh Adirondack mountain air. If you are looking to upgrade your camper or to get in the camping game, the largest RV dealer is coming to West Coxsackie.
New Albany LAX Team Wants You To Choose Name
George Manias, the newly hired team president for Albany's new professional indoor lacrosse team has been down this road before.  Three years ago, he was one of the main cogs behind the resurrection of Arena Football here in the Capital Region.  With Manias at the helm, the Albany Empire had tremend…
Cuomo Hints at Return of State Fairs
The sites, the sounds, the smells, the demolition derby;  anyone else longing for the return of state and county fairs?  Well, you're not alone.
We know how much people in the Capital Region love state and county fairs - it's part of our DNA.  Hopefully with a little good fortune, a few more months o…
And Their on-Saratoga Race Course Will Have Spectators
Finally, we have some guidelines as to which events we can attend. The good news is we will be able to go to the Saratoga Race Course this summer. Although it won't be a full house, at least some spectators will be allowed to watch the horses run.
Escape Albany With Your Digital Passport To Hawaii
What the heck is a digital passport and will it get us out of this Capital Region winter for a while? According to Travel and Leisure Hawaii is working on a potential vaccine passport or digital passport that would provide an electronic code that would grant fully vaccinated travelers access to trav…

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