Wasn't it just National Mutt Day this Summer? Why, yes it was! National Mutt Day celebrates mixed breed dogs on July 31st as well as today, December 2nd! If you have an issue with that you are "barking" up the wrong tree!

National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, has been celebrating and embracing mixed breeds, crossbreeds, mongrels and the like since 2005. This gives us at least two opportunities to "paws" and consider how wonderful these guys are. As animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige has stated "In every heart there is a hole. In every shelter there is love in which to fill it."

According to National Mutt Day nearly 80% of shelter dogs are mixed breeds. Due to public desire for designer dogs and pure breeds the biggest percentage of abandoned dogs are mixed breeds and that is "ruff".

The pooch in the headline picture is "Tater" and he was rescued from a pop-up shelter in Connecticut run by volunteer veterinarians and staff. Tater, originally from Georgia, was transported via bus to Connecticut in a cramped crate with two other canines, including his yet to be named brother. There were close to 100 dogs onsite that day. These two guys in particular were saved from a farm after a tragedy left them orphaned. Today Tater lives in Middlefield, CT. in a loving home with 2 new siblings!

If you are looking to give a mixed breed a "fur"-ever home please be certain that you are ready for the addition and up for the task. Here are some places in the Capital Region for you to "sniff" around.

Homeward Bound - Schenectady

Peppertree Rescue - Albany

Saratoga County Animal Shelter - Ballston Spa


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