There is an amazing castle overlooking the Huson River that is a beautiful historic manmade landmark and you could save it.

This storybook castle was built in the 1880s by Illinois Central Railroad Tycoon, William H. Osborn. It was supposed to be a summer home for him and his family....not a bad little summer home.

The castle needs some serious work, but it still retains much of its original woodwork and castle charm. This is the first time that the castle has been on the market in 45 years. It is ready to be restored to its former glory.

Currently, the castle is in pretty good shape considering it's been vacant for a long time. However, the elements are starting to take their toll and it will deteriorate quickly if someone doesn't save it. Check out the pictures and drone video below.


So what would you do with Castle Rock if you had the $3.4 Million?  Obviously it could be an amazing family home, but it would be a cool B&B or a great wedding spot.....or go totally left field and turn it into the greatest Renaissance Fair spot in the world.

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