Local Marina's Taking Reservations for Boat Rentals
When we look back on Memorial Day 2020, we'll probably spend as much time thinking about what we "could and couldn't do" as much as we did remembering the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  With that being said, a much needed break from the pandemic (and some …
Gas Prices Increase For Holiday Weekend
Many places are starting to slowly open again and more people want to get out and travel. As everything slowly gets going, gas prices are starting to rise just in time for the holiday weekend.
Abused Fonda Dogs "Smiled" After Amazing Rescue (Audio)
For many people it was not easy to look at the "before" pictures of the seven Chihuahua's that had been abused and neglected by a Fonda woman.  But the remarkable transformation of these dogs known as the "Lucky 7" , has generated quite the response bringing smiles to so many peo…
Governor: Memorial Day Ceremonies Can't Exceed 10 People
While many of the local parades and gatherings have already been canceled, in some areas, events may be planned.  On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo told the citizens of New York what to expect for Memorial Day in terms of ceremonies and gatherings.  He noted that while it's important to honor our veterans …

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