The pandemic has caused many traditions and plans to be postponed or cancelled in 2020 but the Corona Virus will not stop the the Equinox hotline which is now officially open!

The Equinox hotline is one of the Capital region's largest holiday traditions supplying meals to families each Thanksgiving. This year the plan may be altered a bit but this group of volunteers still expect to serve over ten thousand meals in the area.

The term "Socially Distanced" has become commonplace this year and the holidays are no different. Over the last several years volunteers would typically gather in a room, answer phones and make all plans come together. You can call the same Equinox hotline at (518) 434-0131 but this year volunteers are working remotely. Give them a call to assist with dinner requests, donations and volunteer inquiries.

In order to accommodate safety mandates and preparation the Equinox hotline will end a week early. Equinox is also planning on giving back to local restaurants and businesses that have supported this holiday tradition by purchasing Thanksgiving Day meals from them! These holiday meals will be going out every other day including Thanksgiving day.

These "Re-Designed" dinners change the need for meal prep volunteers but the Equinox still need your help more than ever to make this years dinner a reality. There are two ways that you can help. You can make a donation. Equinox normally relies on generously donated food items but because of the pandemic, they are trying to raise $100,000 to purchase 10,000 meals. You could also help deliver meals. To sign-up to drive, or for more information, please call the Equinox hotline at 518-434-0131 or email


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