Albany International Airport is getting smarter with the introduction of technology developed by GE Research. Scan a QR Code and find out how recently the area has been cleaned and disinfected.

Since March of this year I have tried to be aware of my surroundings. I wear a mask and I walk the correct direction in the grocery store. I have even reprimanded others going the wrong way. Not full on "Karen" mode but trying to do the right thing. Along the way I have wondered, do any of these mandates, rules and guidelines really help us? I don't know the answer to that so I will do my best to go along. If that makes me a sheep, I'll take that.

There are some things that I am still not comfortable with and one of them is traveling by plane. Albany International Airport is implementing technology that could change my mind. Using your smart phone, scan the QR Codes placed throughout the airport and the result will show you how recently the area has been sanitized. Ticket counters, bathrooms, gate areas, baggage claim, etc.

Airport officials state that this is just the start of protocol that will become permanent and part of the "new normal".

According to Fox Business more than half of the Americans polled say they still plan to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. 11% of those taking part plan to fly to their destinations. The technology that Albany International Airport is embracing will benefit those travelers as well as airport employees as your smart phone scan can also track COVID19 screenings.

Will this actually help us or will it just give us some measure of peace of mind? Even with my internet connection and my Facebook account I don't feel qualified to know for certain. In the meantime I applaud the steps taken to make all of us get through this pandemic.



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