Ok, to me this "New York Tough" poster comes out of left-field to me. Apparently people are buying them like crazy, although it's not just New Yorkers that are buying them. It's "Cuomosexuals" from other states and countries that are placing orders.

The New York Post reports that Cuomo’s office has sold 35,434 orders as of Wednesday, with orders from all 50 states, and areas outside the U.S. like Europe, the Middle East, and even Australia and Japan. Before you ask, no the governor isn't making any money on these posters...they are all being sold at cost. The poster itself was designed and paid for by the governor’s campaign.

So what is this poster? Well, it's been described as a "victory lap" poster that is promoting the great job that New Yorkers and Governor Cuomo have done fighting the coronavirus and flattening the curve. I will admit, we've done a better job than any other state in flattening the curve, but we still have lost almost 35,000 people in the state...to me it seems kinda weird to have a poster commissioned to celebrate it.

Governor Cuomo describes the poster very differently. To him it's not a "Victory Lap" as much as poster art that tells the story of New York battling the virus and coming together, once again, to show how tough New Yorkers are.

I love history. I love poster art. Poster art is something they did in the early 1900s, late 1800s, when they had to communicate their whole platform on one piece of paper. Over the past few years I’ve done my own posters that capture that feeling. I did a new one for what we went through with COVID and I think the general shape is familiar to you. We went up the mountain, we curved the mountain, we came down the other side and these are little telltale signs that, to me, represent what was going on.

- Governor Andrew M. Cuomo




If you'd like to buy your own 22"x28" poster for $11.50 you can at Governor Andrew Cuomo's website.

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