Well, it was fun while it lasted. Regal Cinemas is closing its movie theaters at Colonie Center and Crossgates just three weeks after reopening according to  Deadline.

New York movie theaters closed back in the spring when the coronavirus pandemic really started to ramp up. Since then New Yorkers have been asking, "When will movie theaters reopen?" It seemed to be an important "return to normalcy" for a lot of people. However, it must not have really been very important because very few people came out to the movies once they opened.

Since reopening with strict health guidelines on October 23rd the two Regal Cinemas in the Capital Region have seen small, sparse crowds. We see first wrote about the movie theaters reopening we asked the question are you ready to go back to the movies? Overwhelmingly the answer was, "No." Plus, there weren't a lot of good movies to see anyway.

The movie industry has postponed the release of a number of fall and winter blockbusters including the new James Bond movie, "No Time to Die,"  "Dune," and "Wonder Woman 1984. Most of those movies have been pushed back at least until spring, but they could be delayed longer or even released online.

It's unfortunate but understandable why Regal is closing not only the two movie theaters here at Colonie Center and Crossgates. They are also closing their other locations around the state. I just hope they can ride this coronavirus surge we seem to be having again here in New York so they can reopen again in the future. Other movie theater companies like AMC haven't been so lucky and have announced that they were closing permanently all over the country.

In the meantime, I really tying the movie industry is starting the rethink the future of big blockbuster movies. Streaming services are the future of new movies and the pandemic may have killed off the big cinema movie experience for good. I hope that's not the case because there's just something so great about seeing a great movie with a bunch of people....as long as you're not at risk of getting the coronavirus.

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