As Americans we like to brag about having the biggest and best. Regardless of what the item is. We want the biggest and best of everything.  More than one road trip has been plotted in such a way that families get to see the world's largest basket in Newark, Ohio or the world's largest fork in Springfield, Missouri. We have bragging right's here is the Capital Region with the world's largest Walmart at Crossgates Commons in Albany and the worlds largest indoor roller skating rink! Find Guptill's Arena at 1085 Loudon Road (Route 9) in Latham.

Guptill's Arena has been a family business for 69 years and they are excited to announce that they can finally re-open! The arena will adhere to COVID guidelines with safe and sanitary procedures to ensure the best experience for all that want to enjoy the arena.

When I was in high school in the 80's my hometown had a roller skating rink called "Four-Wheelin'". My buddies and i would head there every weekend in hopes to get enough nerve to talk to one of the girls and maybe ask them for a "couples Skate".

Weekends at Guptill’s Arena will feature open skating Friday, music of the 80's and 90's Saturday evenings and matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

With the re-open Guptill's will have COVID-19 guidelines for you to follow.  Face masks, hand sanitizing and temperature checks will be the norm. There is a benefit to being the worlds largest indoor skating rink and that is ROOM! Skaters will have plenty of room to roll with less than 100 people at each session.

Hugo's in Bealeton, Virginia may have the worlds largest roadside roller skate but we have the real deal at Guptill's Arena in Latham.


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